Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gift's part 1 + January Shoe haul + New nails

It has been a reallllly long time since I last updated, sorry ^^ So I'm going to start blogging about past events/finds/moments etc from all that time I've missed, broken up into parts of course. Warning this might get a little picture heavy 

So at Christmas time, I know here I am a month later, I received this box from my best friend (You should check out her blog, she's adorable!) and it was quite heavy because:

Tada, that is a lot of stuff right there haha

Tissues, false eyelashes, folding fan, Keroppi stamps, strawberry scented hand sanitizer, foldup hair brush/mirror, and Aveeno tinted moisturizer.

Two plush key chains, a dolphin key chain, DQ chapsticks, Japanese cherry blossom body butter.

HI chews, trident layers gum, and my absolute favorite lychee hard candies, yum~

And a 12 pack case of 5 gum. So since there was so much in this box, this is where I'll stop part one of my Christmas gift's I've recieved haha
But on to more recent events, Behold my awesome shoe haul~!!!

My mom bought me these super cute boots from payless for about $30, that's a little pricey for some plain payless boots, but these have extended calf width which is necessary because I've got thick legs haha 
But they're nice and comfortable, go well with may outfits

The lighting in my room is terrible, these are actually a very pretty berry color and I paid $10 for them from Footsies, me and my friend put our shoes together for the 3 for $25. I actually dislike flats quite a bit, but these were so adorable I just had to have them.
So JCPenney had this amazing sale recently and the majority of their shoes were being sold for insanely cheap prices, I wish I had gotten more pair but there were so few in my size left I was only able to buy two. Be prepared to be blown away by the savings!

These Call it Spring brand boots were originally $69.99 and I got them for $24.28! They're really comfortable and have a nice heel height.

These gorgeous Nine & Co. pumps were originally $70 and I got them for $9.71!
I absolutely love these to death, they're blue suede and peep toe! 
All in all great new shoes to add to my collection! Also my nails,

Are Rainbow~! I was bored haha. I don't really have a very green polish, so I'll have to go look for one. Any suggestions? ^_^


  1. Those ballerinas are so cute. Like them!

  2. Your best friend is so sweet. Love your shoe haul, too.

  3. I love the berry coloured shoes! <3

  4. Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses


  5. Oh really cute shoes, lovely candies. Interesting stuffs. now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.