Monday, November 21, 2011

Momo's Maui Presents

So Momo just got back from her two week trip to Maui and of course brought me lots of awesome presents~! ^^
(Once again, forgive my terrible camera/lighting)
I think this shirt is super cute, Momo got herself a matching one in orange haha
This one is actually a pretty lavender color, not that you can tell -_-", they're all really big too so I can sleep in them :p
Botanical Lotion Sampler
They all sound like the smell fantastic~ 
Comes with: Mango Coconut Guava, Pikake Jasmine, Plumeria Blossom, Creamy Coconut
This super cute coconut shell necklace with a little wood turtle pendant
These really pretty wooden bead and seashell bracelets! Momo also has a matching set of the two on the left
Knowing my huge love for giant mugs, she got me this beautiful coffee cup. I love the colors on it~
And the holy grail. A Shy Guy keychain . I'm obsessed with Shy Guy, and luckily she got the last two in the store. She also has a matching one ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Her Boyfriend, whom she went with, was also nice enough to pick out this key chain and snow globe for me! Very nice of him ^^

On a side note, My BB Cream came in the mail~!!!!! Woo!
So expect a post about it soon (≧◡≦)


  1. epicnesss~!!!! the shirts are so cute ahaha and you got SHYGUY NICE

  2. I love the Shy Guy!
    I'm from Oahu ^^

  3. wow, so awesome! what amazing presents... momo must be a real sweetheart :)