Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Dress, New Lenses~

So on a recent outing with Momo, who's been very generous lately, she bought me this adorable shirt/dress thing
It's technically a shirt, but because I am a very very short person, I belt it and wear it as a dress with tights.
Here's the detail on the side:
Unfortunately, it's too far over so when I wear a jacket or cardigan, it get's covered
And this is a close up of the front image:

I love fashion themed images, and there's tulle around the frame.
I actually wore this today with one of my favorite pairs of shoes:

They're a little scuffed up because I've had them for quite a few years, I bought them from H&M for around $40 dollars, I absolutely adore them because they give me height and go well with many outfits I have.
Another thing I bought while I was out:
A bunny pouch! You can put things in him! Isn't he adorable?
I got him at Hot Topic for around $8 on sale~

I attach him to my purse and currently have him storing some makeup! He's so cute, I like to clip him onto my clothes when I don't feel like carrying a purse, he's a perfect size.
On another not: Recently I was gifted with a pair of contact lenses, from my best friend. Now, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with contacts. I love them, but they seem to hate me haha. But I'm really in love with the ones she gave me, they give subtle difference to my eyes.

Sorry, I have terrible lighting in my room -my whole house actually. Here's a more close up shot:

They just define my eyes a bit more, I think they're very nice for a more natural look. She also gave me this adorable Hippo contact lense case. It's so adorable!

I also went out and bought this super cute duck contact lense case aswell

Tomorrow I have plans to go trick or treating around the block (The Block of Orange Mall) with my friend. I know I'm too old to be trick or treating, but I look young enough to get away with it and I bought a super cute costume so I need to show it off hahaha
Happy Halloween

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shy Guy/Nail Fail

I wanted to show off my awesome nail skills, my little brother's been letting me practice on him, but I left my previous nail polish on too long and it's turned my nails a terribly gross yellow color. I need to give them a few days to breathe before I can paint them lol 
But when I do I'll be sure to share my awesome skills

However I did recently acquire this:

I have a HUGE love for this little guy, if you don't know this is Shy Guy a Mario character, he's my favorite!
Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find any merchandise of him :[
The only two things I've ever seen him on, I  now own.
This which was 8 dollars, but totally worth it even If i can't really do anything with it, and a Plush version of him that my Best Friend got me for Christmas :]
If anyone happens to see him anywhere, be sure to let me know lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Days

My Holy Grail of Goodies~ 
I LOVE Melon Bars, they are so creamy and melony and yummy!

Melona is my prefered brand, I bought a case from the Korean market when I was out~
Seriously, if you ever happen to come across them, try them! I highly recommend them!

Also bought white gloves for my costume! 
Took forever to find a decent pair, especially since my hands are child sized ^^;
They're a nice cotton so they're comfy to wear

Hehe you can see my fan and Lady Gaga calender behind me :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Out and About: New Lip Balm and a Tasty Treat!

White Chocolate Strawberry

Trip to 85°C Bakery with Momo and tried this. 
It was so delicious~ 
It had creme and cake and lots of strawberry goodness and white chocolate flakes! 
I highly recommend it!
Also when I was out today I got this little baby
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
It's a moisturizing lip balm with clinical strength SPF 20 sunscreen in it, and they smell insanely good. It makes your lips amazingly soft and it flys of the shelf! 
This was literally the only one in the whole store, not even any other colors. 
Momo actually bought this for herself, but unlike a few of the other colors, this one had a more noticeable bright pink tint to it that didn't work with her skin tone, so she gave it to me.
I love the brightness of the color and it's protective and after about a few weeks use your lips will become much softer and no longer as dry!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eki Blog Sigma Giveaway

Eki Blog is having a Giveaway~! 

One winner will receive a Make Me Cool - Aqua Brush Set~!
Fingers crossed everyone~ ^_^

Mimi's Intro

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Hi~! My name is Mimi and this is my blog. 

I love music, fashion, food, and art~

I believe in being yourself and expressing who you are!

I like to bake, sew, write, and doodle~

I also enjoy blogging and collecting cute "kawaii" things. 

Hopefully we can be friends~! ^_^

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