Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Dress, New Lenses~

So on a recent outing with Momo, who's been very generous lately, she bought me this adorable shirt/dress thing
It's technically a shirt, but because I am a very very short person, I belt it and wear it as a dress with tights.
Here's the detail on the side:
Unfortunately, it's too far over so when I wear a jacket or cardigan, it get's covered
And this is a close up of the front image:

I love fashion themed images, and there's tulle around the frame.
I actually wore this today with one of my favorite pairs of shoes:

They're a little scuffed up because I've had them for quite a few years, I bought them from H&M for around $40 dollars, I absolutely adore them because they give me height and go well with many outfits I have.
Another thing I bought while I was out:
A bunny pouch! You can put things in him! Isn't he adorable?
I got him at Hot Topic for around $8 on sale~

I attach him to my purse and currently have him storing some makeup! He's so cute, I like to clip him onto my clothes when I don't feel like carrying a purse, he's a perfect size.
On another not: Recently I was gifted with a pair of contact lenses, from my best friend. Now, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with contacts. I love them, but they seem to hate me haha. But I'm really in love with the ones she gave me, they give subtle difference to my eyes.

Sorry, I have terrible lighting in my room -my whole house actually. Here's a more close up shot:

They just define my eyes a bit more, I think they're very nice for a more natural look. She also gave me this adorable Hippo contact lense case. It's so adorable!

I also went out and bought this super cute duck contact lense case aswell

Tomorrow I have plans to go trick or treating around the block (The Block of Orange Mall) with my friend. I know I'm too old to be trick or treating, but I look young enough to get away with it and I bought a super cute costume so I need to show it off hahaha
Happy Halloween