Monday, October 24, 2011

Shy Guy/Nail Fail

I wanted to show off my awesome nail skills, my little brother's been letting me practice on him, but I left my previous nail polish on too long and it's turned my nails a terribly gross yellow color. I need to give them a few days to breathe before I can paint them lol 
But when I do I'll be sure to share my awesome skills

However I did recently acquire this:

I have a HUGE love for this little guy, if you don't know this is Shy Guy a Mario character, he's my favorite!
Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find any merchandise of him :[
The only two things I've ever seen him on, I  now own.
This which was 8 dollars, but totally worth it even If i can't really do anything with it, and a Plush version of him that my Best Friend got me for Christmas :]
If anyone happens to see him anywhere, be sure to let me know lol


  1. LOL your lil bro actually let you do that haahah

  2. IKR? Koby let's me practice on his nails, and sometimes Logan let's me play with his hair :O

  3. I know, they need to give Shy Guy some love and make more stuff for him huh?