Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hat Haul, Food & Fun~!

So I was trying to save up my money, but then my evil friends blind-sighted me and took me to a mall and I just couldn't help myself. I have a problem. I've been wanting them for while now and just couldn't hold back when I saw these adorable hats!
My phone camera has such terrible lighting, my room too. This hat is a magenta color. Not red =_=" and it was $5.50
This one is super thick and soft and a nice mustard-y shade of yellow and also $5.50
And a black one, because black goes with everything so it's a nice basic color accessory to add to my wardrobe~ And only $3.50 ! *_*  All from Forever 21~! <3
So after the mall fiasco, we decided to go get our chow on at one of my favorite place to eat, Love Letter.
Love Letter is a Korean Chicken and Pizza place and their sweet popcorn chicken and sweet potato pizza are so delicious~
My Plate
"Salad" that come with the meal, it's shredded cabbage with corn a mayonaise like sauce mixed with a spicy hot sauce. I can't handle spicy food so I usually take some cabbage before they mix in any of the sauce.
Meal comes with a  2 liter bottle of soda, Coca Cola our fav~
Our pizza~ Yummy Yummy~!!!
My slice. The Pizza is supper delicious, the Sweet Potato kind comes with: Sweet Potato, Pineapple, Corn, Ham, Sausage, Bell Pepper, Cheese, and Onions (Which I'm allergic to, so I pick off)
Tada~ Our Sweet Popcorn Chicken. This right here is the whole reason we go. You can't even imagine how good it is~
And here are the lovely ladies who went with me:
My turtle Cassie~
My Darling Diana~
And my newly made friend Jessica~
There was a super good picture of me, but I accidentally deleted it while trying to upload =_=" Bleh.
Diana has a curfew despite being 19 years old >.> So we had to take her home but then Cassie, Jessica and I went to go Karaoke! Woo Hoo~!
We went to our favorite local karaoke place which is Ding Dong Dang, they have million of song not only in English but in Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. So of course we tried to sing as many Japanese and Korean songs as our little fangirl brains could remember.
Which didn't work out so well so we stuck to old school 90's pop songs. Wanna Be, Oops I Did It Again, and Genie in a Bottle were most definitely sung hahaha.
Our Karaoke Remote~
Turtle singing her heart out to Don't Stop Believing~!
And Jessica with some Firework by Katy Perry
The cute Korean Guy working gave us these little yogurt drinks on our way out! He was super sweet and cute, a very nice guy unlike his coworkers I've encountered before :]
My self in one of my new hats~
Ack my roots are terrible, and there's still a little pink dye left in my hair in random patches haha

My outfit that day (Again terrible picture quality, and yes this was totally taken in my bathroom xD)
My Dir En Grey band tee I got at their concert a couple year ago. It was surprisingly big on me after all this time, which just makes it even more awesome.
I love the design of the back~
A close up. So many awesome memories....
And I wore it with my big and comfy plaid shirt I bought from the guys section at some department store. I like buying guys shirts cause their extra big and it makes them comfy and baggy.
And of course one of my favorite pairs of converse (I love chucks.)
The material and color is really neat, like a satin gray-blue~!
I was going to show you guys some more nail skills today but I got called out so suddenly to hang with my friends I didn't have time to finish them. Hopefully tomorrow~
Hope you all have a great weekend~!!! ^_^ <3


  1. Duuude are you serious...I just bought 3 crochet hats today at the mall haha omg!

    and dude...I love that Korean Pizza Place at Ktown. I can eat a whole plate of that cabbage salad with corn all by myself. Probably not the healthiest but I don't care it yummy lol.

    have a great weekend!

  2. Omg what a coincidence! haha yeah my friends can seriously down that salad xD

  3. Lol I can seriously eat at least 2 plate of those salads LOL

  4. hahaha I know, I've seen you do it :P