Saturday, November 12, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Sephora

So a while back I joined a lovely giveaway hosted by Charleston Girl of Best Things in Beauty with this gorgeous sampler set of lipsticks as the prize. Lucky lucky me, I won! And then today I recieved a package in the mail~

I  was so excited when I saw a package had come~

Ultra Flesh Perfect Pinks
A 6 piece set of matte and sheer mini lipsticks containing  three perfect shades.
Firstly, these lipstick are positively tiny and adorable!

Each one almost 2 inches long, they're perfectly compact and super cute sizewise~!
They come in:
Tender Sheer & Tender Matte (Baby Pink)
Ethereal Sheer & Ethereal Matte (Golden Pink)
Fragile Sheer & Fragile Matte (Hot Pink)
You can view Charleston Girl's swatches of the colors here
If you're interested in purchasing this check them out here at Sephora

Along with the lipsticks I received a few samples~
Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask
with red clay
Intensive Formula

Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Balm
with Botanical Extracts

and Elie Saab, Le Parfum
The scent is very flowery and feminine and I am absolutely in love with it!  
 So that's all for today ^^ Hope everyone is having a good weekend~!


  1. So nice!!! Hope to see pics of you wearing them ;)

  2. You're very lucky! I always enter giveaways but never win anything :(

  3. wow! I want to see it on you~ must be so pretty, you're so lucky~ :D

  4. Those look amazing! Congratulations on winning!

    I found your blog through the Blog Hop!

  5. Vyvy: Haha soon soon~
    Bunny nails: I'm usually not very lucky with these things either :P
    Coimica: Thank you~ ^^
    Sugarheen: Yay a new follower, I'll definitely follow you back~!

  6. very nice colors;)